Need to know before purchasing a web hosting plan

//Need to know before purchasing a web hosting plan

Need to know before purchasing a web hosting plan

Web Hosting is basically the service that is making web pages or web sites available to users worldwide. Many companies also call it as web space as they provide the customers with space on the internet to host their web site or web pages for other people. Just like the files you make using various software on your desktop PC or laptop needs hard disk space to store the files, web pages and web sites also need space on the internet that is provided by the Web Hosting companies and is usually measured within a few megabytes.

Types of Web Hosting Services

Different companies provide different types of Web Hosting that are designed to meet the demands of different consumers. There are a few key elements that differentiate between the packages provided by Web Hosting companies.

  • Amount of Web Space– Though the biggest web sites need around 50MB of web space, some services may even provide space ranging from 100 to 200MB.
  • Number of Email Services– An average budget service offers somewhere between 1-10 email addresses. However, higher budget service may include nearing 250 email addresses service.
  • Bandwidth– It is amount of data your website can use. In other words, it is amount of data that your website can transmit to web users. This is measured on monthly basis and the value is often fixed. Small scale services provide about 500-600MB of bandwidth a month, whereas we provide 20GB of bandwidth that is sufficient to serve any small-medium scale website efficiently for a month.
  • Bandwidth Overage The term is used when your website exceeds the allotted monthly usage. This is the deciding factor for most of the users and hence our company notifies you when the limit is about to reach and asks you to upgrade to a higher allowance package, instead of shutting down the website or charging extra for extra usage.
  • Operating System This is the last deciding factor for any user. Microsoft, UNIX or Mac, based on these three software, servers behave differently. We prefer to stick to Microsoft products as we believe people are most familiar with them.

Why Hosting Divine?

Hosting Divine provides leading web solutions along with many additional services. We provide 99.9% uptime guarantee with daily back-ups, 24*7 servers monitoring and first class customer service through ourĀ clients portal. We do not oversell our services and hence are able provide high quality services and excellent customer support at reasonably low prices.


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