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Hostingdivine International’s most Lucrative Affiliate Program

With our Affiliate program, you will receive generous commissions even when you refer less accounts. We pay you on the basis of the account type you refer instead of number of accounts you refer.

How are Commissions Generated

This is an easy process, where as soon as your account is opened, we will provide you with an affiliate link. Your website will have this affiliate link and every time a visitor clicks the link and buys the product, your account will be credited with the commission. You can anytime log into your account to check out the amount accumulated.

How can you refer customers to us? It’s easy:

  • Place a Hosting Divine International’s poster on your website
  • Post your affiliate link on your blog
  • Referral of business associates
  • You can place a powered by “Hosting Divine International” visual or pictorial on your website

Our Affiliate Program Highlights:

  • Attractive text, code links, and banners
  • 60 days cookies
  • Bespoke creative available on request
  • Monthly Payments made directly in your bank account or PayPal account
  • High Conversion rates
  • Premier tracking tools with sub IDs, and multiple deployments