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Reseller Web Hosting with cPanel

Reseller hosting allows you to give cPanel login details to your clients with your private and branding name servers. Rest, leave on us as we provide you with 99.9% uptime guarantee on our US servers. With our Reseller hosting, you can easily create and manage new accounts, manage client’s databases, emails, reset passwords and do many more such tasks only from one interface.

Why choose our Reseller Services?

  • Convenient Automation
  • 100 percent brandable
  • Free Commercial Scripts
  • SSL’s 100% Profit
  • No Hidden Extras
  • Priority Support
  • Offer Business Critical Service

Our Reseller Hosting Features:

Domain Reseller Account 
We provide you with a domain reseller account that allows you to register your own client domain name or resell your web hosting to them. With this feature, you are also able to earn money through domain reselling and web hosting.

Anonymous Hosting
To limit your clients to see that you are a reseller of Hosting Divine International, we provide you with anonymous hosting of your domains. You can be a best hosting reseller with us as we provide you with all the tools of becoming one, without taking any credit.

Overselling Permitted
You can allocate each of your clients with 10 GB of space, which is the maximum limit set on your account for usage. Unlike other hosts that limit what you can allocate, we provide our clients with maximum allocation space that can be given to our client’s clients.

Up gradation with Growth
As your business grows, we provide you with the up gradation facility that allows you to upgrade in few minutes with no disruption or downtime. We put soft limits on your account for you to upgrade easily in future.

Effective and Fast US servers
Hosting Divine International’s servers are located on US servers, configured by experts.